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How is a Telephone Entry System changing the dimensions of security?

Security is a top priority for both office and home owners. To prevent unwanted entry into the property you need strong security measures. Installing a Telephone Entry System in your home or commercial property will act as a protective shield that allows you to check the identity of a person before entry. The telephone entry is a speed-dialer that is connected to a phone line. A guest dials the code number and the system converts that call into a regular telephone call for you.

A telephone entry system is both time and cost efficient for the owners. It is the best possible way to prevent outside forces infringe upon your property. The security system deals with the constant expense and time taken to replace the lost keys. Keeping track of entries and exit is possible now with this entry system. Install a residential telephone entry system in your home to keep a track of the exits and entries. Linear Telephone Entry System is one of the most trusted devices to secure the property.

Linear Telephone Entry System

A perfect telephone entry system will be the idle protective device for your home or resident. It is the electronic communications system intended for limited or private dialogue, direction, and announcements. It can be portable or mounted permanently in the buildings. The system can incorporate a connection to cell phones, computers, and other devices.

Some of the best telephone entry systems are –

Linear AE-100 Commercial Telephone Entry System

It is a primary access control device for commercial sites with up to 125 residents. It provides access to full duplex telephone communications between visitors and residents. The system also has a built-in microphone and a tamper-resistant speaker.

Linear AE1000 Plus Commercial Telephone Entry with Access Control

It is an advanced commercial telephone entry system with access control capabilities. The entry system also supports and request-to-exit and door status monitoring.

Linear AE2000 Plus Telephone Entry System with Access Control

This advanced Telephone Entry System has access control capabilities and is used for sites with up to 4 doors or gates, each supporting request-to-exit and door status monitoring.

Linear AE-500 Commercial Telephone Entry System

This entry system is for facilities with 250 residents or users. It features a side-lit 12 key telephone style keypad with bright, easy to read graphics and housed in a rugged stainless steel.

Linear RE-1 Residential Telephone Entry System

This telephone entry system is designed for residential or light commercial access control. It also has a keypad, radio receiver, and optional video camera housed in an enclosed enclosure.

Linear RE-2 Residential Telephone Entry System

It is a contemporarily styled telephone entry system for residents. The entry system has a speakerphone, keypad, radio receiver, and optional video camera.

The Linear Telephone Entry System is one of the best supportive devices providing security to residents and commercial properties. Buy an telephone entry system that that fulfills your requirements and at the same time is cost-effective.

Commercial Telephone Entry System Secures Apartments and Offices

Your everyday life should be free from compromise and inconvenience. You cannot take a chance with your security at home or work.

The linear AE-100 telephone entry system comes as a robust solution to access control. It provides primary access control for gated communities, parking garages, office buildings, apartments, dormitories, hotels/motels, commercial buildings and recreational facilities.

From outside it appears to be a rugged stainless steel box. However, inside it has an access control device locked in it. It features a lit 12-key telephone style keypad  with bright, easy-to-read graphics. There is a two-line directory display with programmable welcome message highlighted by backlight. It also has a built-in microphone, speaker, and provision for an optional color CCTV camera.

Its four relay output channels can be programmed to control electric door strikes, magnetic locks, door & gate operators, or barrier gates.


Since the system utilizes hands-free, full duplex telephone communications between visitors and residents for granting access, the chances of mishaps are greatly reduced. The residents can rest safely while the access control system is there to look after their entrance.

  • It is network ready i.e. can be connected with other entry systems via a network.
  • It has full control over requests to enter and exit with door status monitoring.
  • It has a programmable directory code length and talk time.
  • It manages multiple users i.e. secures commercial sites with up to 125 residents.
  • It has automatic door relock feature which closes the door immediately after door sense input is used.
  • It provides the residents to allow visitor entry using the heavy duty access relay.
  • It has multiple language options such as English, Spanish, French-Canadian, or Portuguese.

This linear AE-100 telephone entry system combines many advantages into one. It has reduced the chances of errors due to human monitoring of buildings. More and more people are switching to this mode of security for their buildings where a large group of people work and live.

Linear Gate Access is a reliable manufacturer of commercial telephone entry systems to meet your specific application requirements. So, if you have a small apartment building, condominium, or gated community, do not leave it unguarded.

Linear AE 2000 Plus Telephone Entry System


The AE 2000 Plus is not just a telephone entry system, it is a complete Access control management device .

The guiding principle behind Linear’s AE-2000 is that a telephone entry system should be a model of simplicity. Easy to specify. Easy to install. Easy to configure. Easy to expand. And above all, easy to use.

You could use the AE-2000 as just a telephone entry system. It has a 10,000 user capacity and each user can have a unique directory code. Handy features like a programmable display message, adjustable talk time, and extended talk time per user add more value. However, the real benefits of the AE-2000 stem from its powerful access control capabilities. Access can be allowed or denied based on 32 programmable criteria — security levels (32 Validation Groups), by date and time (32 Time Zones), by door (32 Door Schedules), and by floor (32 Floor Schedules). In addition, so you can keep a running check of all entrances and exits, the AE-2000 maintains a transaction log of the last 20,000 events.

The system is housed in a heavy-duty 16 gauge powder coated steel cabinet with a 16 gauge brushed stainless steel, articulated, double-locking front panel. Its built-in keypad is likewise manufactured for constant pressure applied by many fingertips over many years.

Getting a clear picture of what’s going on at any entrance at any given time is as easy as adding an optional, color CCTV camera.

Those are just some of the many features that this Linear’s Flagship can offer to find out more information please contact one of our product specialists toll free at 1-800-803-8093.

Linear AE-100 Tele Entry


If you live in a small / medium community or office building and need a way for you or your visitors to access the premises, you do not need to go farther, look at the Commercial Telephone Entry System Linear AE100.

The Model AE-100 Commercial Telephone Entry System – One Door is designed for use as a primary access control device for apartments, condominiums, and offices with up to 125 residents. The system can be used in a lobby or outside. Surface, recessed, and pedestal mounting options are supported. The system utilizes hands-free, full duplex telephone communications between visitors and residents for granting access. Housed in a locked, rugged stainless steel faced enclosure, the AE-100 features a lighted 12-key telephone style keypad and four operation buttons all with bright, easy-to-see graphics. The backlit two-line directory LCD display scrolls a programmable welcome message and shows the directory Names and Directory Codes.

The system contains a built-in microphone, tamper resistant speaker, and a TTY connector for the hearing impaired. The heavy duty access relay can control electric door strikes, magnetic locks, door & gate operators, or barrier gates.

Multi-lingual display programming prompts and voice help is available with a choice of English, Spanish, French-Canadian, or Portuguese language selection for the system. The system can be programmed locally using the keypad, or remotely with a touch tone telephone. Up to four AE-100 units can be connected to the same dedicated telephone line to form a simple network. Connecting multiple units allows transferring programming data (either the directory entries only or the entire memory’s contents) from the “master” unit to the other sub-units.
Optional features that the AE-100 supports are provisions for postal lock and color CCTV camera installation (Model CCM-1A).

The AE-100 is powered from a 16 VAC plug-in transformer and supports an internal rechargeable 1.2 amp/hour backup battery (not included). The battery charging circuit will support an external backup battery with up to 7 amp/hour capacity.

For any questions you might have, please feel free to contact us toll free at 1-800-803-8093.

New Improved Material for Linear RE-1 & RE-2 Cases


In an effort to improve the corrosion resistance of the Linear RE-1 and RE-2 Residential Telephone Entry System, Linear has changed the case material used for the steel and nickel finish models.

Below are the specific details concerning each finish type:

Nickel Finish
The powder coated nickel color finish Models RE-1N and
RE-2N provides the same stylish appearance, smooth
finish, and color found in previous RE-1N and RE-2N
units. The form, fit, and function are also the same as
the previous versions; making them suitable for new,
field upgrade, and replacement installations.

Steel Finish
The powder coated steel color finish new Models
RE-1S and RE-2S provide the same stylish appearance,
smooth finish, and color found in previous RE-1SS and
RE-2SS units. The form, fit, and function are also the
same as the previous versions; making them suitable
for new, field upgrade, and replacement installations.

Lighter Weight
Installers and Dealers will notice the new Aluminum
Alloy material is less than 1/2 the weight of the
previously used Zinc material, making both products
easier to carry, mount, and install.

• New RE-1 – 6 lbs.
• New RE-2 – 5 lbs.

To purchase a linear RE-1 or RE-2 Residential Telephone Entry System, browse our site or give us a call toll free at 1-800-803-8093.

Linear’s RE-1 Residential Telephone Entry System


Hi again folks, how about we freshen up on our more advanced, voice driven telephone entry systems for your home, so let us start with the always popular Linear’s RE-1 Residential Telephone Entry system. This is an unparalleled combination of style and technology, one of those rare products that both makes a strong statement and performs an essential function.

In terms of design, the RE-1 is unlike any other residential entry product on the market as it comes with two built in general purpose relays for maximum system functionality. One can be used for the control relay and the other for a myriad of auxiliary control functions, including activation of safety edge reverse, external lighting, or alarm shunting, also a separate INTERCOM mode allows connection of the RE-1 to a PBX telephone system or a separate residential intercom system via just a pair of wires. Programming is done locally via keypad or remotely via touchtone telephone or computer with modem running a web browser, which simply means that it requires no special or proprietary software. So come take a look at this technically advance, ergonomically designed and aesthetically pleasing and striking appearance.

Interested in buying the RE-1? Browse the RE-1 product page here and give us a call at 1-800-803-8093 if you have any questions.

Question: Joe wants to know… Will my RE-2 work with any of the VOIP phone providers?


Answer: Chances are it will work with your VoIP provider but it is not guaranteed to do so. VoIP is digitalized voice and the RE-1 and RE-2 are designed to use analog voice carriers and even provide their own line/ring voltage.

If you have any further questions regarding the Linear RE-2 Residential Telephone Entry System please give us a call at 1-800-803-8093 and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with an answer.