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Linear AM-RRR Remote Radio Receiver


The Linear AM-RRR Remote Radio Receiver is designed for use with Linear’s access control systems. The AM-RRR functions as a remote device that extends the radio range or supplies localized radio reception. An on-board RADIO RANGE knob allows adjustment of the receiver’s gain. It can be set to limit the maximum radio range that the receiver can achieve. Receiver test points are provided for listening to the incoming signals. The receiver is housed in a weather-resistant enclosure and can be mounted indoors or outdoors. Gaskets and a weather-tight wiring strain relief seal the unit from the elements.

Features are:
• Provides extended range for radio-based access control system
• Up to 500 foot radius radio coverage
• Weather-resistant housing for outside or indoor mounting
• Optional directional remote or omnidirectional remote antennas
• Integral radio gain control for adjustment of radio range
• Power supplied by access controller
• Compatible with all MegaCode transmitters
• Compatible with AM3Plus, AE1000Plus, and AE2000Plus ONLY
• RF frequency: 318 MHz
• 4.25” W x 6.25” H x 2.5” D without antenna

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Linear AP5 Wireless Receiver with Access Controller


The AP-5 Wireless Access Controller – Two Gate or Doors is designed for a broad range of applications and can control one or two door strikes, mag-locks, barrier gates, automatic gates, or door operators. Its wireless design and small size fits a variety of access control requirements.

The unit’s built-in high-gain superheterodyne receiver picks up transmitter signals from up to 500 feet away. Up to 480 Linear MegaCode® transmitters and six Model MGT supervised safety edge transmitters can be programmed into the AP-5′s memory. Up to 238 entry codes can be programmed for activation by one or more MegaCode® wireless keypads. The

AP-5 will retain its memory, even without power. Three dry contact relay outputs are provided. One relay is dedicated for access control, another dedicated for obstacle detection, and the third programmable for either access or obstacle. Access relays can be set for timed or latch-on/latch-off toggle operation. The AP-5 can be powered from 12-24 Volts AC or DC. The Form C relay outputs can switch up to 1 Amp each. An EARTH GROUND terminal is provided as a recommended connection for maximum lightning and static protection. RF Frequency is 318MHz

Dimensions are:
• 4.45″ W x 5.75″ H x 1.5″ D (without antenna)

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