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What Is a Multicode Remote Control Transmitter?

Multi-code remote control transmitters are used for home and garage security. The security gates are operated through remote controls for easy entry or exit from the property. The user can open or close the gates sitting inside their vehicle. It is important to choose the right control transmitter that fits the needs of your location.

After purchasing the remote, it is important to configure the remote control for best usage. Make sure that the garage door area is cleared of any obstructions. There are different types of remote controls in use today and make sure you get the most useful remote control for your home/garage security settings.

There are multiple uses of a multicode remote control transmitter. One can configure multiple security codes and alter the codes at a regular interval to keep the security in check. The device ensures top-notch security for your property. The programming of the device is easy and swift. But one needs to take care of the program coding for efficient programming.


The device can be installed at the gate entrance and is a multicode a one channel, one button transmitter Multi-Code format, with a 10 position coding switch that provides 1024 possible codes.

Here are the features of a multicode remote

  • Frequency: 310 MHz
  • Comes with visor clip
  • 9v Battery powered
  • Quick access to coding switches and battery
  • 1024 codes
  • Compatible with 310MHz Stanley and Multicode receivers

The remote control transmitter works with any Linear Delta-3 310 MHz Receiver. Programming the remote is simple and just matches the 8 on/off dip switches inside the unit to your existing remote or receiver.

Why You Should Opt For Remote Controlled Gates?

Security has always been one of the top priorities of homeowners and people are willing to go that extra mile to ensure that they adopt every possible means to beef up security on their property. Both commercial and residential properties and other establishments are keen on installing remote controlled gates so that they can turn their property into a completely secure zone.

Often remote controlled gates are equipped with cameras, unlike their non-electric counterparts. These gates offer the house owners with the option to check who is at the gate before allowing them to enter the premises. Multicode remote controls take the hassle out of having to get out of your vehicle to manually open and close your gate.


Remote controlled gates often come with automatic authorization technology. This means that the gates will open after automatic detection of a particular vehicle thus restricting unauthorized vehicle access. It will not allow entry to any unauthorized vehicle thus ensuring a higher level of safety on your premises. If you opt for such remote controlled gates, you’ll need to set up a remote security system and feed in authorization information for ‘recognized ‘vehicles. In most cases, the technology is implemented using a sensor that can identify vehicles.

Remote controlled gates are often operated using a security code though a majority of people use this option only as a backup option of entering the property. These codes are of utmost importance when it comes to safeguarding against potential theft. It is important that the owners are extremely careful about giving out security codes to only a trusted few.


Some remote controlled gates also come with voice communication (Intercoms) features by which the owner can identify the person who is requesting permission to enter the premises. It is no secret that technology has gained a huge importance in this age. Thus the fact that more and more people are keen on installing these gates to protect themselves. The number of customers using remote controlled gates is increasing by leaps and bounds every year.

How to Set Up Your Multicode Remote Control for Your Garage

A multi-code remote is a device that helps you open and close your garage door remotely. As a garage owner, having this device will help you save time and all of the hassle of having to do things manually.

The multicode remote control comes along with other added security features to ensure the safety of your garage. Before you start enjoying the benefit that the device comes with here is a step by step guide on how to set up your remote control system.


Discover your remote control

This step is critical and helps you to locate your remote or transmitter.

Test your remote

When setting up the system, to ensure that your remote is functioning well, it is highly recommended that you do the testing at different angles. This will help you ensure that your control system is in a position to communicate well with your door while at a distance.

In the event your remote fails, pressing your wall button will help open it. However, in case the door fails for the second time after pressing the wall button, chances are your operator has issues. If it opens after pressing the wall button it is a good indicator that your radio transmitter has some matters that needs to be fixed.

Locate your radio code

Depending on the manufacturer of your remote control, finding your radio code may be tricky. However, removing your back cover of your receiver or locating dip switches near your receiver’s battery compartment will help you trace the codes very quickly.


Typically your radio codes are switched up. The same codes your radio has should be the same as the receiver and the remote switch statutes. In case they are not similar, you should consider returning your system to your dealer or manufacturer.

Set up your radio code

To set up these codes, you can select the digits by using a screwdriver.


After setting up your codes and ensuring that the above rules have been followed, now it’s time to test if your new programming works. Before testing, you should also ensure that the removed covers of your receiver and remote have been snapped back. If your garage door opens, you can go ahead and start using your door opener.

In case the devices cannot be synchronized, it is advisable for you to contact your dealer or manufacturer for advice. Always ensure that your remote has been kept in a safe place where no un-authorized parties can have access.

Summing Up

A well programmed multicode remote controlsystem is a worthwhile investment which can help you enhance your security.

Linear AP5 Receiver Gate Operator with Wireless Access Controller


Technology has come so far. In today’s world, we get to know about new inventions very frequently. The improvement in technology has made our lives more easy and convenient. It has not only made our lives comfortable but more secure as well. If we talk about security, we usually talk about locks.

Wireless technology has been revolutionary; it has helped people throughout the world get rid of the hassle of using wires. Wireless technology helps users safely operate devices without even touching them. The linear AP5 receiver has been designed to wirelessly communicate with gates or doors. This access controller can be used for a wide range of applications and is capable of controlling 2 magnetic locks, electric strikes, barrier gates and other safety devices at once.

Some of the best features of this security device are as follows:-

  • This gate and door controller provides enhanced security
  • The wireless technology in the receiver is capable of picking up transmitter signals from up to 500 feet
  • This receiver is easy to install and set up
  • The receiver comes with capacity for up to 480 remote control transmitters.
  • The controller is easy to manage. You can make necessary changes to the receiver through the programming mode as per your requirement.
  • The controller is cost effective and helps you avoid the monthly cost of your security guard.

If you’re in the market for a wireless access controller, consider the options available to help you enhance your security while also increasing your convenience. If you are serious about your security, take a closer look at wireless access controls to gain an additional layer of security for your property. This controller is ideal for all gated communities, gated homes, parking lots, campuses, schools and factories.

Multicode Remote Control – A Device for Improved Safety and Access


Garage door openers with remote controls make life simpler and easier. Now, you can drive into your garage by just pushing a button without the need to get out of the car to open your garage door.

Like any other locking system, remote controls too have a ‘master code’. A master code is the primary code that makes its user able to make adjustments to the system’s programming. In the past users used to have a remote control with single access code, but today with advancement in technology and security, the evolution of Multicode Remote Control has arrived. These remote controls give its users the ability to add multiple codes.

The master code is designed for the system owner, and the other additional codes are meant for the use of individuals who may need access but don’t have ownership of the system. An additional code can be added for those who need regular access to an area.


A good instance for the use of additional or multiple access codes would be for family members or friends who may need access. Another good use of multiple access codes would be for businesses. Most systems give you an ability to view a history, which shows who entered or exited the property along with the date and time it happened. This allows a business to track the identity, date and time of the incident which helps in providing a higher level of security.

An ideal tool for an enterprise to use is to have private codes for each individual. There are plenty of types of remote controls to suit distinct needs and purposes. Whether it is a business, or a residence a Multi-code Remote Controls can provide a solution for all and provides a high-end security offering.

Gate Opener With Multicode Remote Controls Makes Life Safe & Simple!


Garage door openers with multicode Remote Controls make life easier as never before as with just a push of a button one can easily drive into his or her garage without any hassle or sweat.

Now, you need not get out of your car to open your gate. You can do so easily using the remote in your hand. Thus, there can be no better way to open and close your gate conveniently than opting for the advanced gate opener from multicode.

Before you make your final decision, let me make you aware of the truth that great convenience often comes with some effort and price tag; and a gate opener is no exception. An advanced gate opener that comes with a multicode remote control and strong security features is a worthwhile investment that makes your daily driving a great comfort and luxury.

If you have a brand new remote and you need to reprogram it, go through the steps below:

  • Locate your remote
  • Check its operational functions
  • Find the radio code
  • Determine your radio code
  • Set your radio code
  • Avoid selecting common codes
  • Snap back the covers and test

Now, going through the above mentioned details, you will have better a better understanding that investing in a good quality gate opener with great safety features and a multicode remote control is a solid decision. It ensures the great efficiency and durability that is sure to last you through the years. It is really an investment that every buyer has to be smart about rather than just spend on something that simply fits your budget.

Linear Am3 Controller for Security of your Property


The traditional method of securing a property with lock and key is no longer relevant in the current world, for instance it is impossible to lock up an apartment community or even an office space that provides round the clock service with lock and key even at night because people have different work timings and it is not possible to physically monitor who is coming and leaving at what time. Also keys have turned out to be highly inefficient as a security tool as they can easily be stolen, lost and even duplicated. Changing locks everytime a key is stolen is just not feasible besides the fact that a lock and key does not guarantee the kind of fool proof safety modern living demands.

Access control systems offer a far more secure and convenient method of controlling access to your property, whether it is a home or a commercial office building. Access control systems like the Linear Am3 controller are being increasingly sought after because of the high level of security they offer. Located inside a magnetic tamper switch, the entire Linear Am3 controller can easily be programmed to grant different levels of access to different user groups. For instance all office staff might be granted front door access but access to server rooms and rooms with high value assets might be restricted to a smaller group of people.

The Linear Am3 controller only grants access to authorized personnel and cannot be tampered with. What’s more granting and revoking access rights is very easy and fast, which means that as soon as a card is reported as stolen or misplaced, you can block access of anyone using that card. Linear Am 3 controller is easily programmable to work with different kind of security door installations, whether it is an electrically spiked door or even magnetic locks. The system is easy to install and operate and does not even need dedicated software for its functioning. You can even program and maintain the Linear Am3 Controller from a remote location using existing software saving time and resources in the process.

With business thefts rising by the day, securing assets has become a priority which is why access control systems like the Linear Am3 Controller are required to ensure that your assets remain safe even without the need for any physical monitoring. Far more effective and efficient than posting a guard or putting a lock and key on the door, the Linear Am3 Controller ensures access is only granted to those authorized by you. You can even set the times of access to deny access to your high value assets to anyone during the night. This kind of flexibility is what adds to the value of access control systems like Linear Am3 Controller.

AE500 Telephone Entry Access Control Systems Offer Security and Ease of Use


Anyplace that houses 200 or more residents, whether it is an apartment complex or a commercial establishment can benefit from an automated access system that allows tenants to grant access to visitors entering the complex without having to physically leave their unit. In the absence of a centralized automated entry system, residents would have to step out of their home or business every time they have guests or visitors.

An automated entry system is a must, but you need one that is both efficient and affordable. The Ae500 telephone entry system is not only affordable and efficient; it is also highly scalable which means that you can keep adding lines without having to worry about overload.

There is always the possibility of a break-in especially in an apartment complex, which is why the AE500 Telephone Entry is securely housed within a stainless steel enclosure that makes it impossible for intruders to gain easy access. Equipped with a number of features like the telephone style keypad that makes it easy to punch numbers, an easy to read graphical display and a backlit directory display as well, the AE500 Telephone Entry is one of the most secure and easy to use entry systems in the world. There is also an option to connect it to a CCTV camera for additional security.

A fully hands free system, the AE500 Telephone Entry system allows full duplex telephone communication with visitors to ensure residents can confirm the identity of the person before granting access. The system can be programmed to work with any kind of access doors, magnetic or electric as well as manual gates and gate operators. A built-in speaker and microphone ensure audibility is not an issue on either side of the communication line.

The AE100 telephone entry comes with advanced features that make it more desirable for today’s computer savvy generation. It can be programmed locally using a keypad or web programmed remotely as well using a computer. Modern lifestyles demands flexibility which is exactly what the Ae500 Telephone Entry provides, along with ease of use and at a price point that is hard to beat.

Linear RE-2


In terms of design, the RE-2 are unlike any other residential entry product on the market, Uniquely styled and available in a choice of powder coated nickel or stainless steel, they have all the characteristics of a high-end, architectural-grade, custom-designed system. They convey a subtle statement of affluence. They send a message to guests arriving at the gate that they have come to a place of importance

Functionally, the RE-2 bring the cutting edge of access technology to residential entry applications. They are the epitome of access control merged with convenience, from their full complement of voice response capabilities to their built-in receiver, auxiliary control functions, and optional closed-circuit television monitoring feature.

Installing Multicode Remote Control – A Smart Option of Today’s Generation


A huge number of people are in search for equipment that could help them in protecting them and their belongings. An automatic gate or garage door opener can do this work in an effective manner, it can easily provide you with the convenience and while securing your property. Their benefits include:

  • You can also operate in case your hands are full while holding groceries.
  • The main advantage of this type of gate opener is that it requires less effort to open and close. The use of a remote control in its operation won’t require you getting out of the car when entering or leaving your property.
  • There are lesser chances of injuries and accidents since you do not have to get in contact with the gate just to operate it.
  • They are easy to install

If you want to take the above advantage of these benefits, then it is advisable that you purchase a remote. They also provide multicode remote control for gate openers, which will also make your work easier and reduce your tension that occurs when you have lost the keys.