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Linear AE 2000 Plus Telephone Entry System


The AE 2000 Plus is not just a telephone entry system, it is a complete Access control management device .

The guiding principle behind Linear’s AE-2000 is that a telephone entry system should be a model of simplicity. Easy to specify. Easy to install. Easy to configure. Easy to expand. And above all, easy to use.

You could use the AE-2000 as just a telephone entry system. It has a 10,000 user capacity and each user can have a unique directory code. Handy features like a programmable display message, adjustable talk time, and extended talk time per user add more value. However, the real benefits of the AE-2000 stem from its powerful access control capabilities. Access can be allowed or denied based on 32 programmable criteria — security levels (32 Validation Groups), by date and time (32 Time Zones), by door (32 Door Schedules), and by floor (32 Floor Schedules). In addition, so you can keep a running check of all entrances and exits, the AE-2000 maintains a transaction log of the last 20,000 events.

The system is housed in a heavy-duty 16 gauge powder coated steel cabinet with a 16 gauge brushed stainless steel, articulated, double-locking front panel. Its built-in keypad is likewise manufactured for constant pressure applied by many fingertips over many years.

Getting a clear picture of what’s going on at any entrance at any given time is as easy as adding an optional, color CCTV camera.

Those are just some of the many features that this Linear’s Flagship can offer to find out more information please contact one of our product specialists toll free at 1-800-803-8093.

LINEAR AE500 Commercial Telephone Entry System


For medium apartment complexes that need telephone entry, you can rely on the Linear AE500.

This Telephone Entry is good for One or Two Doors/Gates. This is a system that is Easy to install. Easy to configure, and above all, easy to use. That makes the AE-500 desirable for installations with as few as 25 users or as many as 250. Its memory can have 250 directory codes, 500 block coded MegaCode transmitters, 500 entry codes; entry codes can be programmed for unlimited use or temporary use with up to 250 activations; all data is stored in non-volatile memory.

Multi-tenant sites like gated communities, apartments, condominiums, and dormitories can all benefit from its simplicity and its expansive capabilities. The AE-500 provides control for a single gate or a door, two gates, two doors, or a gate and a door. It includes a built-in radio for adding remote control via user transmitters. It is a Full Duplex, hands free operation, display is LCD technology, 2 lines by 16 characters, lighted keypad and It has an optional color camera.

Have a question or concern, give us a call toll free at 800-803-8093 and we’ll answer it for you.

Heavy Duty Slide Gate Operator by Linear model HSLG


The Linear Heavy Duty Slide Gate Operator model HSLG is made for commercial / Industrial applications and can move gates up to 55’ and 1700 Lbs depending on the HP ( ½, ¾, or 1 ) of the motor. It can be Post Mount (standard) or Pad mount ( Optional). All voltages ( 115/208/230/460 VAC) come in Single or Three Phase.

It comes with a Galvanized steel cabinet with powder coat finish and has a Lockable, gasketed, hinged, and removable front cover to have a clear access to the main board and all the components.

UL325/UL991 compliant 24VDC APEX control module for access control accessories, Full featured for access control, security, and entrapment protection, Integral MegaCode receiver and an On-board 3-button station.

For questions regarding the Linear HSLG operator, please feel free to call us toll free at: 1-800-803-8093

Linear Barrier BGU-D Barrier Gate


Need a barrier gate but you have power outages very often?

Let us introduce the Linear Barrier gate model BGU-D

This system can use wooden arms up to 14Ft, has a full-time DC powered battery backup with seamless transition, Full-time ½ HP DC motor, Selectable fail safe or fail secure modes of operation, is Solar power capable and the batteries are included.

It has a Top mountable, easily accessible APeX controller, Lockable galvanized steel cabinet with white or yellow powder coat finish, Heavy-duty right-angle oil bath gear reducer and it is UL325/UL991 compliant 24VDC control board. Built-in dual gate capability using 3-wire shielded cable and 24V DC power available for access control accessories. It opens in 2.8 seconds and is for continuous use.

Interested in this model or any other model of Linear gate operators? Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-803-8093 and we’ll make your purchase as smooth as possible.